Saturday, December 27, 2008

my DIRTY girl and my 8 month old!

Kaile has made yet another mess... (story of my life these days). This time it was HOT FUDGE! So stinkin gross! Glenn got some ice cream from Golden Spoon (they have yummy non fat ice cream with fat free fudge) and left his extra fudge on the counter and Kaile, ever so quitely, poured it all over herself... as I was taking pictures of her she kept yelling "DELICIOUS! DELICIOUS!" Luckily she didn't get it anywhere besides all over her!
This little cutie is going to be 8 months in just 2 days! He is so precious and I love him so much! He is always happy and loves to cuddle... He enjoys swinging on the swings... Loves "real" food... Can pull himself up in his crib... crawls backwards better than forward... now says baba and MAMA (every time he calls me mama my heart totally melts.... I LOVE it!)... wears size 18-24 months(he's HUGE)... and is just the cutest thing ever!

I love you Kokie Dokie you are such a good boy!

Christmas 2008... I got spoiled!

Every year we open presents at my parents house at 7am. Glenn and I always bring all of our gifts over so we can open them with my family. We sit in a huge circle and open presents one at a time. This year it took us almost 3 hours to open them all but it was so much fun!
Just a few of the presents....

This was probably Kailes favorite present! She LOVES Dora and was so excited for Santa to bring her a Dora bike! It was so fun to watch her! She was thrilled but didn't care too much about anything besides the bike... next year maybe she just needs one sweet present...
I got totally spoiled this year! I really wanted Rock and Republic jeans with the "R" on the pockets (for REX)... and Glenn hooked it up with super cute ones...
I also got 4 pairs of shoes! These are 2 of the totally cute boots I got! (Thanks babe) I also got that super cute zebra print area rug for our bedroom!

My new Betsey Johnson Diaper Bag! I absolutely love it!
I also got lots of fun scrapbooking stuff! Another fav of mine is the Garmin Navigation I got! I am so excited to drive somewhere I have never been!

Thanks Glenn and Mom and Dad for all of the great gifts!
(I told Glenn I have NO EXCUSE to shop for a VERY LONG LONG TIME)

Monday, December 22, 2008

My little talker and family christmas fun!

Sunday evening we had our family christmas party! It was so great to see all of my cousins from my moms side! This is the first picture I have with all of my cousins from my mamas family! It was such a great party! I love celebrating the holidays with family!
My babies all ready for church on "Christmas Sunday."

Koa's first word... "baba!" Although I have been coaching him to say "mama" for quite some time I think his first word is very appropriate for his chubby goodness. He sure loves him some "baba." I love him and all of his chub!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Time at DISNEYLAND!!

I love Disneyland in December! The decorations are gorgeous and you totally feel the "holiday spirit." I told Glenn I want a tree like this and he just laughed at me! The tree is huge and perfect!

The kids had so much fun! Kaile kept saying "I want to see mickey mouse"... She's been to Disneyland before but I think this is the first time she actually got how fun Disneyland actually is. It was Koa's first time and he was so happy and such a good boy...

he did a lot of this which meant that mommy stayed off most of the rides to sit with him while daddy and Kaile had all of the fun!

Kaile on the storybook cruise. She loved getting eaten by the big whale.
Thanks to sis Profit for hooking us up with FREE TICKETS! We had so much fun!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I love this little girl!

My 2 year old, Kaile, is a riot! She says the funniest things and I decided I needed to blog a few sweet things she has said to me the past couple of days...
On Sunday morning I was getting ready for church and, as usual, I was trying on a billion things. I put one dress on and walked over to the mirror to take a look and Kaile said "On my goodness mom, that dress is BEAUTIFUL."
Today, we were just walking down the stairs and she said, "You are the most beautiful mommy ever."
Kaile is my little BFF and she is good for my self esteem!! I recommend a little girl for everyone... they are so sweet!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow day in Huntington Beach!

Today we headed to Huntington Beach to have some fun in the snow! Every year a park in HB bring in snow machines and makes snow for the kids to play in! They had 2 different slopes for the kids to sled down and little patches of snow for the kids to play in. Kaile had fun going on the sled with daddy and playing with her cousins! The park was crazy crowded but we still had fun!
Koa enjoyed watching all of the kids play! It was chilly so he stayed bundled in his stroller.

(Excuse my shakey filming... I was preoccupied...)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

One of THOSE days...

I absolutely ADORE my little girl Kaile. She is beautiful, happy, and has a HUGE personality... but every once in a while she drives me INSANE. Today was definately one of those day! First she found a sharpie that I was using to write on the tags of my christmas presents and she colored all over one of the presents I had just wrapped and she colored all over her hands... (this was maybe a 2 or 3 on my insane meter, no big deal... I can handle a little sharpie action) then I left to run a few errands and I came home to find (what I thought to be) sharpie all over her face... after doing a quick scan of the room I realized it was my inks that I use for scrapbooking... (this put me at about a 5... luckily the inks wipe right off, because they were all over the tile floor) Glenn got a little lecture that went a little something like this
Me: Babe I told you to watch her!
Glenn: I was.
Glenn: Oh, sorry.
(He is IMPOSSIBLE to fight with)
Then my sister Rebecca came over to help me do a few things around the house... (She has been a HUGE help to me lately) and we noticed that Kaile was being a little too quiet in her room and I went in her room to find this...

She snuck some of my makeup into her room and colored her whole freaking face and her pink minky chair! (this put me at about an 11... I was PISSED)... I just nicely asked Rebecca to give her a bath so I could take a breath or 30! After calming myself down I went into the bathroom to have a little talk with Kaile and she proceeded to tell me that she was just trying to do her eyebrows! She cracks me up... I couldn't be mad at a girl just trying to hook her eyebrows up... but she definately knows not to touch mommys makeup anymore! Maybe I better find a "safter" place for it! She never usually gets into things so 3 in one day definately put me over the top! She is just trying to live up to being in her terrible 2's!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Time for Thanks...

Today I decided to take a break from all of the holiday shopping and fun that the holiday season brings to just sit back and think about the real meaning of Thanksgiving. The turkey is yummy and pumpkin pie... Fab, but I have SO much to be thankful for! This year I was blessed with a BEAUTIFUL and sweet little boy Koa. I am so thankful for his little life and for the opportunity I have been given from Heavenly Father to be his mother! He amazes me everyday!
I am also very grateful to be the mother of this little fireball! I love my Kaile. She is talkative, sweet, and has a HUGE personality! She is definately a Rex! I love her more than I thought possible. She is so precious!

I am grateful for all of these people... my family! I have great parents who have done so much for me and my family and who have set such a great example for us! I also have great brothers and sisters who I just adore! I have great in-laws as well... I love all of my extended family and appreciate all they do for us!

I am SUPER thankful for my amazing husband! Glenn is such a hard worker and the best dad ever! He works full time and goes to school full time all to give us a great life. He is so giving, loving, understanding (of my shopping addiction) and fun! I love him dearly and am thankful to my Heavenly Father for giving me such an amazing husband!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hair cuts and Girls night out!

Last night we had a "Girls night out..." It was really my first time out on a Friday night since Koa was born. It took some convincing to get me out but I had a lot of fun! I went with my sisters and 2 friends to see Twilight. I am pretty sure I was the only person in the whole theater who hadn't read the book. I did think it was a great movie regardless. My sister made me a Twilight shirt... It's Edward Cullens family crest. It turned out really cute! I also got my hair done. I LOVE changing my hair. I have been pretty much every hair color (normal hair colors that is)... Blonde... Black... Brown... Red... highlights... I've had really short hair and really long hair and many different hair styles. I love going dark for the holidays. It's fun!
Kaile got her first hair cut and look how cute it turned out! She doesn't have long hair, but it's super curly and sometimes get super CRAZY!

I took Kaile with me to my hair dresser and she did such a great job... I saved a few locks of her hair for her baby book.
Kaile before her hair cut! She did such a great job. She sat still and just looked in the mirror the whole time. It was so cute!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kaile is 2... and Koa is 6 months!

Kaile got this sweet pink jeep for her 2nd birthday and she HATED it at first but now she LOVES it... it totally has a real radio and she always changes the station when slow songs come on... she loves RAP! She changes the station until a rap song comes on and she totally starts dancing in her jeep! I am scared to see her at 16 when she gets a real car!
Koa (left), cousin Jaxson (middle), and cousin Mathew (right). They were all born within 2 1/2 weeks of each other. Koa turned 6 months and is such a happy baby! He is such a flirt. He smiles at everybody... has 3 teeth, is trying to figure out how to crawl, and is still sleeping like a champ and is off the charts for his size weighing 22 pounds! I love my chubby bunny!

Kaile had her 2nd birthday party a couple weeks back and it was so fun! Minus the random downpour we had a blast! I cannot believe my little girl is already 2! She is so grown up! She talks SO much! She totally has full blown conversations with me! She is just the sweetest little girl!

Kaile and Hannah Jones... Kaile totally looks up to Hannah and it's the cutest thing ever. Kaile loves to dress up in princess dresses and "twirl" like Hannah.
Kaile had to ditch the party dress for a warmer outfit due to rain! She enjoyed her cupcake!
I am the luckiest mom! I have been blessed with 2 gorgeous and happy babies and I am so grateful for them!!

Fall Fun!

Koa the firefighter with aunt becca the pirate on Halloween
My little 50's girl... she won "most adorable" in the church halloween costume contest! She is most adorable in my book!

We went to the pumpkin patch the week before halloween to take a break from moving and unpacking... the kids had a great time. Koa LOVED the animals in the petting zoo... they probably didn't love him though, he just pulled their fur!

Kaile went on a pony ride but cried the whole time... the guy wouldnt let glenn walk with her as she rode so she was not happy!

My 2 precious pumpkins!

Monday, October 20, 2008


The Rex kids... It's not everyday you get a shot of ALL EIGHT of them!
Glenn and his mom! This is where he got his good looks!!
Koa and Papa!

Glenns parents left this morning to the MTC in Salt Lake City where they will learn the "proper missionary conduct" for 5 days and on Saturday they are off the Hawaii for 2 years! We are so very excited for them! What a great experience that will be for them! It's about time they do something for themselves (well... they will be doing service so it's not really doing something for themselves...). We are going to miss them terribly but we are so happy for them and excited to visit them next year! A little about Glenns parents... They are 2 of the best people I have EVER met. They are so giving and do EVERYTHING for their kids and grandkids and us in-laws and I we greatly appreciate everything they have done for us (like letting us stay in their house while they are gone so we can save up for a house of our own)! They are the type of people who give their time, money, and whatever else to help their kids and extended family. Deena is just the sweetest person ever and Kenny is so funny and so talented! I feel so lucky to have such great in-laws! Thanks for raising Glenn to be such a great and loving person! Anyways... I'll stop with the cheesiness... we had a "farewell" dinner at BJs Friday night and it turned out SO great!
We'll miss you! Let the moving begin...

Monday, October 13, 2008

It's been a while...

The past couple of weeks have been CRAZY! We have been trying to pack and go through all of our stuff so that we can start moving next week! It's so overwhelming! The kids and I also were sick for a few days and I always fear being "out of comission." Luckily Glenn and my mom helped me out for a couple of days so I could rest and get better faster! Last night "aunt beca" came over and we took a little walk down to Yogurtland. It had been a while and Kaile LOVES it so it was time for her to get her treat for being such a good girl! She insisted on wearing her sun glasses even though it was 7:00pm and totally dark.
It is less than a week now before Glenns parents leave and I think it is starting to sink in a little more and it's CRAZY to think they are going to be gone for 2 years! I cannot believe it but we are so happy for them! They are going to be staying in an apartment right on the beach... literally their back door opens up to the sand! Sound like a VAYKAY to me! It's so exciting but we are going to miss them so so much! The next few weeks are definately going to be hectic trying to get situated over there... wish us luck!

Friday, October 3, 2008


I just adore my husband! He is such a great person and a hard worker! He works so hard and is so motivated to provide for his family and give us a good life... and I really do appreciate it! He works full time (11 hour shifts all week this week) and he goes to school full time! I think we are all a little sleep deprived these days and Glenn can fall asleep anywhere! I can't sleep sitting up... it just won't happen and I thought it was so cute when he crashed on the couch, mouth open and all!

also, Glenns parents got their mission call today! They are going to Honolulu, Hawaii and leave in 2 weeks to serve a 23 month mission! We are moving into their house while they are gone and we are going to miss them terribly... but we are excited to have a good excuse to go to hawaii! SO EXCITING!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A teething baby and a sick toddler = a CRAZY day!

Even though Koa isn't my first baby I feel like I never really had to deal with a "baby" teething since Kaile didn't get any teeth until after she turned 1! She was easy because she would just reach for the teething tablets when her gums were hurting... but poor little Koa just SCREAMS! Since he isn't much of a crier these days I immediately bust out the teething tablets when the tantrum begins and they quickly ease his pain! Today I let him have a "teething biscuit" and he LOVED it! He chomped away at it until I got nervous because he would bite off HUGE chunks! He was in heaven for the 5 minutes the biscuit lasted! He is so cute...
Last night as I was getting Kaile ready for bed her nose started running and it hasn't stopped since! It is so gross! All night she whined in her sleep because she couldn't breathe through her nose. She even woke up at 6:30 this morning not feeling well... it is VERY unusual for Kaile to be up that early! She usually sleeps until I eventually have to get her up so I can get out of the house and do what I need to do. She was such a good girl today even though she was sick. She was still happy and sweet but she was a lot more relaxed than usual! I feel so lucky to have kids who are happy even when they don't feel so well!
(notice Kailes "shiny" face... um, thats snot that she smeared across her face! SO DISGUSTING!)

Monday, September 29, 2008


Koa is 5 months old! The time really has flown by! He is the sweetest and happiest little boy. He loves to put anything and everything in his mouth... including his hands! He is working on his bottom teeth! He drools like i've never seen! I swear he goes through 5 shirts a day. He smiles non stop because he loves the attention it gets him! He rolls all around and sleeps 12 hours at night like his big sister... Koa is GINORMOUS for his age! He is 20 pounds... there is a 2 year old at church in nursery with Kaile who is only 22 pounds! His 12 month clothes are getting a little snug! He is the fat version of Glenn... I cannot believe how much both of my kids look like their dad! He LOVES toys. I am totally putty in his hands and I am pretty sure he already knows that I am a sucker for him!