Wednesday, August 26, 2009

16 months!

Koa is 16 months old and has definately turned into a little man! He is HILARIOUS and is the best entertainment EVER!
RUNS everywhere
he wants to do EVERYTHING that his sister does
he LOVES his doggy blankie and his baba
still such a MAMAS boy... but also LOVES grandma and my brothers and sisters
Is talking A LOT these days (not nearly as much as kaile did as his age, but hey, he's the 2nd child, and a BOY)
LOVES playing basketball and anything that invloves a ball
is such a CUDDLER and LOVES giving kisses (this totally melts me into a ball of mush)
is outgrowing his size 6 shoes and is wearing at least a 2T (he is a giant baby)
LOVES driving Kailes pink jeep and has MASTERED climbing (which I HATE because he will jump onto beds/couches etc and want to JUMP off...)
I am so in love with my little koie and am glad that I "accidently" got pregnant with him!

Becca... I LOVE these pictures!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy 25th!

Happy Birthday big sis!
I love you and look up to you! Thanks for being such a fabulous sister!

forgive me for these pictures... they are the only ones i have downloaded and my scanner is being crazy!
by the way... whats up with you having me in a headlock in both pictures!?!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shine Classic 2009

Saturday August 8, 2009 was the 2nd annual "shine classic" (a surf competition/family bbq in memory of Glenns grandpa)
Kaile LOVES playing in the sand!
Koa couldn't get enough of "sand surfing" Daddy cannot wait to get him out in the water on a surfboard!
Koa giving me a sassy look with his BFF "baba"
Kaile cheering on daddy
Daddy tearing it up! Go babe!
Still looking good after hours of surfing!
The kids have been LOVING the beach this summer...
Me... keepin an eye out... Koa hamming it up for the camera
This kid ate SO much watermelon!

We LOVE summertime!

Thanks Coleen for taking such fabulous photos!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I LOVE Kaile's age! 2 1/2 is SO much fun. She is hilarious, sweet, fun, girly, fiesty and so full of personality! She is the best big sister... she loves her "king baby" (her nickname for Koa). She is growing up so fast and it is so fun to watch her change as she grows. I love her so much!