Sunday, January 25, 2009

The life of a 9 month old!

Koa will be 9 months this week and it is absolutely CRAZY! Time flies when you're having fun!
9 month stats...
Randomly falls asleep... no matter where he is!
Crawls like crazy
Gets into stuff (woo hoo)
Pulls himself up to anything and everything and TRIES to walk around the furniture
Has added "DADA" to his vocabulary... he has been saying mama for a couple of months
Laughs super hard (especially at Kaile)
He is super happy and such a cuddly, loveable baby
Weighing in at over 25 lbs and wearing 18-24 month clothes (he's HUGE)

I can't help but just squeeze those lucious cheeks a million times a day! I absolutely love this little boy and everything about him!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Roadtrip....

Last Saturday morning we headed to Northern California to celebrate this sweet little things 2nd birthday! Calleigh is my cousin Chads daughter and she is just a doll.It was our first road trip with both kids and I was a little nervous. I was prepared with plenty of snacks and toys... I didn't even have to bust out my reinforcements! The kids were PERFECT! I got to sit back and relax while my cute hubby drove the whole way... (thanks babe).
We arrived literally 30 minutes before party time... just enough time to change and beautify ourselves after a long car ride. The party was at a place called Miss Donnas Kindermusik. It was a lot of fun! There were big slides and toys all super baby and toddler friendly! My kids just loved it!
The kids were so happy to be out of the car and enjoyed playing with all of the toys!
The mini trampoline was one of Kailes favortie toys! She also loved the bounce house and the ball pit! Does anybody know of a place around here like this for kids to play at?
The day after the party we had an in-n-out picnic at the park and Calleigh and Kaile played together. Kaile had such a fun time playing with someone her age! We also took a little trip to the Jelly Belly Factory! They do tours of the factory and have a gift shop with every flavor of Jelly Bellies! There are hundreds of flavors! They have every kind of candy imaginable. Unfortunately I forgot my camera but we did end up with lots of goodies to bring home to our family! We had a fun roadtrip and I am just so glad my kids were saints on the drive! It made all the difference!
(excuse Kailes booty in this shot... I tried to crop the picture but it didn't look right...)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Potty training...

I am so over potty training! Before I had Koa, Kaile was semi potty trained and she was only 18 months! She would go "#1" sometimes in the potty and would "#2" in the potty every time. I really thought I was only going to have one child in diapers... but NO! As soon as Koa was born she would not go anywhere near the potty! Now she's 2 and 2 months and I am WAY beyond over changing her nasty diapers! It's totally grown up pooo! Today I buckled down and when she woke up with a dry diaper this morning I put her on the potty and she did her business! I was so happy! I totally over exaggerated how great she was and gave her a "potty treat" and put her Dora undies on and said "NO GOING PEE PEE ON DORA!" She was like okay mom okay. I asked her every 5 minutes if she had to pee... a little while later I turned on the bath water to give her and Koa a bath and she was standing next to the bath tub as we were waiting for the water to get warm and she freaking peed on my foot! It was gross... to make myself feel better I told myself that she only peed cause the water was running... after her bath I put on Hello Kitty undies and said "NO GOING PEE PEE ON HELLO KITTY!" She went on her way and was playing in her room when Glenn came across a potty training DVD for toddlers. It was the perfect day to watch! A few minutes later I walked into her room to watch the movie with her and she peed on the DVD... she freaking peed on the potty training DVD! I am feeling a little helpless at this point because I know she gets it and she is totally working me! UGH! I am just glad we have a washer and dryer to clean all of the stuff she going to pee all over these next few weeks of potty training...

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Kaile!

Kaile did a little photoshoot last month for a lady who makes dresses and sales the patterns. The dresses were all just adoreable and I wanted them all! Kaile did so great on the shoot. She LOVES the camera and totally knows how to work it.

I may be a little bias... but isn't she so precious!? It must be because she looks just like daddy! I just love this little girl! She is FULL of personality... a true Rex gal!

Check out

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Photo fun...

My sister introduced me to this totally fun and totally FREE website... it's and you can edit your pictures for free! I am obsessed already! Thanks bec for finding this site!