Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kaile is 2... and Koa is 6 months!

Kaile got this sweet pink jeep for her 2nd birthday and she HATED it at first but now she LOVES it... it totally has a real radio and she always changes the station when slow songs come on... she loves RAP! She changes the station until a rap song comes on and she totally starts dancing in her jeep! I am scared to see her at 16 when she gets a real car!
Koa (left), cousin Jaxson (middle), and cousin Mathew (right). They were all born within 2 1/2 weeks of each other. Koa turned 6 months and is such a happy baby! He is such a flirt. He smiles at everybody... has 3 teeth, is trying to figure out how to crawl, and is still sleeping like a champ and is off the charts for his size weighing 22 pounds! I love my chubby bunny!

Kaile had her 2nd birthday party a couple weeks back and it was so fun! Minus the random downpour we had a blast! I cannot believe my little girl is already 2! She is so grown up! She talks SO much! She totally has full blown conversations with me! She is just the sweetest little girl!

Kaile and Hannah Jones... Kaile totally looks up to Hannah and it's the cutest thing ever. Kaile loves to dress up in princess dresses and "twirl" like Hannah.
Kaile had to ditch the party dress for a warmer outfit due to rain! She enjoyed her cupcake!
I am the luckiest mom! I have been blessed with 2 gorgeous and happy babies and I am so grateful for them!!


MEG said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love how Kaile is bumpin in her pink Jeep already! And talk about the best picture ever of three little chunks in a wagon! HOW ADORABLE!


I think she got her rap loving from her Auntie BEECA!! Holla!


P.S. - Remember I taught her how to "drop it like it's hot!?!" HAHA!!

heather marie said...

YAY for an update! I have been dyin' to see pics! I can't wait to see all of you this week! Kaile and Koa are so big! I can't even believe it! I just want to love them both up! Miss you!

Jones Family said...

I love all of Kaile's wardrobe changes at her party. Hannah loves Kaile so much!