Friday, February 27, 2009

SHUT UP, my baby is 10 months old!

Koa and his auntie Becca... he just loves her!

So... Koa SHOULD turn 10 months on February 29th, but since February only has 28 days Koa will NEVER turn 10 months old and he will stay 9 months FOREVER! YAY! A mothers dream... If only he really could stay 9 months forever!

Koa Stats:
Walking like a champ with the assistance of his "walker" (he will probably be walking anytime... SCARY!)
Still sleeping 12 hours (most nights)
Loves Yobaby yogurt... his favorite is Raspberry Pear with fruit and cereal
LOVES his sister! He cannot help himself when she comes into the room... he instantly gets super happy
Is becoming more and more of a "mamas boy" by the second... I love this and hate this at the same time!
Has mastered climbing our stairs (SCARY, but I only let him when I have the patience to follow behind)
Loves his backyard swing
Loves to talk, goo goo gaa gaa along with music, and dance

I feel like my baby is turning into a "little boy" and it scares me! He has the sweetest personality and he brings so much joy into our family! Before I know it he will be 1!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kissie Kissie!

Okay, so I was watching this video and I was a bit embarassed with my voice! I may get a little carried away with my "baby voice" but I just can't help myself when it comes to this little hunk! He cracks me up every single day! He loves his mama and his mama loves him!

Out of Commission!

Being a mom, especially of 2 little ones, requires a lot of, let's call it "interaction." A lot, of holding, a lot of carrying, a lot of running around, and for me lately it's been involving a lot of PAIN! I am dying here! For the past month or so my back has been hurting but I just assumed it was from carrying around my 28lb. 9 1/2 month old. The past few days have been horrible though! The pain has gotten way worse and even when I lay down it hurts. I don't have a choice when it comes to carrying Koa, but the pain is worse than LABOR people! No joke (well, I mean, I did get an ephideral, but still, you feel pain)! I do have one guess at what may be contributing to my back issues... (we'll call them DeeDee). DeeDee didn't exist AT ALL until I got pregnant with Kaile... and after losing all of my pregnancy weight, DeeDee stayed. Then Koa came and DeeDee got even bigger (I did not think that was even possible)... and DeeDee doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. My posture is HORRIBLE these days and I don't want to turn into a hunchback at 22! I cannot workout, I can barely WALK and no, I am not exaggerating! I think I am pretty tough when it comes to pain (not one scream out of me during either child birth, and with Koa the ephideral was NOT SO GREAT). Any moms out there have any tips that may bring relief? I'll try anything! I CANNOT be OUT OF COMMISSION!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Stair climbing baby and a little airtime for Kaile

Koa discovered the stairs a couple of weeks ago and he made it all the way up (with me, paranoid mom of the year, following very closely behind him of course). We've had a gate at the top of the stairs for a while but didn't bother putting one at the bottom of the stairs because Kaile goes up and down freely and Koa couldn't crawl up them... until now that is. Time to bust out the gate for the bottom! Why is my baby growing up so stinkin fast?!

I know it's not the most exciting video ever but I felt bad for not having recent videos of Kaile up. She was a little more interested in Dora at the time but I got a few things out of her! I thought grandma Deena would appreciate it at least!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Cheesiness is really flowin today!

I love my kids!
I'll leave it at that!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I was starting to get cabin fever with all of the rain the past week so I was so glad today was nice enough to take a walk down to the park to let the kids play!
Santa brought Koa this swing for Christmas and he just LOVES to swing. The other day Glenn was washing the cars and watching the kids outside. Koa was swinging and just fell asleep. It was the cutest thing ever. He stayed asleep even when I moved him to his crib. I wish I could sleep like that!

Koa first said "mama" and "mom" at 7 months... he would call me when he woke up, just yell "MAMA," and cry for "mama." He started saying "dada" a few weeks ago and now he says "dada" way more than "mama" and it's killin me! I get SO excited when he calls me "mama" totally melts my heart!

Dang kid kept saying "dada."

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I <3 my valentine

My two mini Valentines!
This year we celebrated Valentines Day a week early and we had so much fun! I planned our special day this year and I took Glenn to the Supercross. He was SO excited.
The last time we went we were dating and poor so we bought the cheapest tickets and sat way up at the top... this year I splurged and bough tickets in the bottom level and our seats were GREAT! I love going to the supercross... it brings out the 909 in us all. The downside to the night was that it started POURING right as the race was ending and we totally forgot where we parked and spent ONE WHOLE HOUR looking for our car in the pouring, freezing, rain. I wanted to cry! I was wearing leather boots! Being the genuises that we are we kept pushing our car alarm button on our keys to find our car... well this morning we go to start our car to go to church and our car won't start because the chip in the key was soaked. We put the car seats in Glenns car and went to church and LUCKILY my key worked once Glenn dried it out. All in all we had a great Valentines day... Oh yeah, check out my Valentines gift...
Glenn got me an absolutely GORGEOUS new diamond ring and I LOVE IT! Thanks babe... you are the best Valentine ever and I am one lucky girl! LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So I have been debating for the past couple of days whether or not to post about this but I decided that this story truly is a MIRACLE and shows the power that prayer and priesthood blessings have... so here we go

On Sunday afternoon Glenns brother Byron and his wife Amy were at a superbowl party (as most of us were). Everyone was in the house when my nephew Preston walked outside and found his little brother Xander (3 years old) in the bottom of the pool. Preston did the right thing by running inside and yelling for help. Glenns brother Byron ran outside and pulled his son out of the pool. They immediately did CPR and called 911. Xander was transfered to Saddleback Memorial Hospital in San Clemente and was in critical condition. All of the family rushed to the hospital to show our support. Since Saddleback is a smaller hospital they decided to transfer Xander to CHOC hospital in Orange. Xander is such a fighter and was trying to breathe on his own and would not give up. The doctors wanted his body to just relax so they sedated him and let machines do all of the work for him so his body could get over the trauma it just went through. Everyone was worried that there may be brain damage because of lack of oxygen to his brain but MIRACULOUSLY the catscan showed no damage at all! On Monday afternoon the doctors took him off of sedation and took out his breathing tube and IV's and he woke up and started breathing on his own! Yesterday he was released from the hospital and he is doing great and will make a FULL RECOVERY! I know that he is okay because of all of the prayers and priesthood blessings he received. As a mother myself I cannot imagine going through something like that with one of my children. It really is a wake up call because this can happen to anyone! We are just so happy and relieved that Xander is okay!

They were on FOX 11 news last night telling their story. Here's the clip if you want to see Xanders miracle!