Saturday, August 30, 2008

4 months old!

I can't believe that Koa is already 4 months old?! He has gotten so big and so CHUBBY! He is the sweetest little boy and totally loves mama. He loves his bumbo chair... going in his swing... playing in his exersaucer... and he constanly tries to get my attention. He is such a happy baby and laughs so hard that his eyes start to water. It's so funny! I love him so much!
(Poor thing has his first cold/flu compliments of his big sister... it's not fun with 2 sicklings!)


So next week is me and Glenns 3 year anniversary so a couple of months ago I got some Jack Johnson tickets for a concert tonight down in San Diego and I made reservations at The Melting Pot down in San Diego. We were planning on leaving early this afternoon so we had some time to walk around downtown and shop a little and stuff... sounds fun right?! I was looking forward to getting away and had babysitters lined up. (I haven't really gotten away for more than an hour or 2 since Koa was born). Of course JUST MY LUCK both of my lovely kids are really SICK! I have been feeling pretty crappy too, but I have been trying to tell myself "you can't get sick, you can't get sick..." but I am! So no Jack Johnson for me and I am SO SAD! I would probably go regardless of how I felt but I definately can't leave sick kids with sitters :( so as Glenn enjoys the concert I will enjoy being puked on! The joys of motherhood...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A few "new discoveries"

Kaile was such an easy baby, therefore I never had to buy anything but the basics for her... she was totally happy either in her swing or just laying on a blanket. Koa on the other hand needs "things" to make him happy. He loves sitting up but since his huge head doesn't allow sitting up to happen quite yet, I bought him a bumbo chair and it is so fabulous! He absolutely loves it and it's fun for me to get to buy all of these random things that so many of us moms these days couldn't live without! I don't know what they did before all of these great things were invented! I also never had a boppy pillow for Kaile because she was fine just laying flat... Koa LOVES his boppy pillow. I always thought all of these extras were unnecessary before having Koa, but now they totally help me out! Koa is definately my "high maintence" baby and sometimes I catch myself thinking things would be a lot easier if he was more like Kaile was as a baby... but honestly I am grateful for his "needy" personality! He is definately a better form of birth control than Kaile was (obviously!)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer time...

One of my "goals" for this year was to finish up a few little projects that I had started. I wanted to finish up Kailes first scrapbook and get started on Koas. Well I finally started Koas scrapbook... I have only done a few pages but it's a start! I am keeping his simple compared to Kailes! Hers took WAY TOO LONG!

For the first year I am doing a page or 2 for each month... this is his "newborn" page...
Kaile has been having such a FUN summer! She has enjoyed all of our beach days and little activities. It has been so fun watching her grow and gain a little personality! Let me tell you she is definately a Rex! She is strong willed and very friendly and talkative. She cracks me up! She LOVES posing for the camera and then says "show me picture mom" She loves seeing herself on the camera.
Kaile has been spending a lot of time with her uncles this summer. She absolutely adores them! Uncle Jake came over today to hang out and she just follows him around all day! It's so cute. And check out Koa! LOOK AT ALL THAT CHUB! I just want to eat him up! He is just so precious and tell me why my 3 1/2 month old wears size 12 month clothes? He's HUGE and so darling!

I had to share Kailes new "phrase..." When I get her dressed and ready for the day I always tell her to "go show daddy how cute you look" and she always runs to Glenn and says "Daddy I CUTE!" and she even twirls and giggles. She totally knows she is cute!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I am the only person in the U.S. named Jodi Rex YAY!
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person with my name in the U.S.A.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The past couple of weeks...

The past few weeks have been really good! Kaile went from HATING nursery and screaming bloody murder every sunday after sacrament to LOVING it a little too much! Now as soon as I put one of her church dresses on on Sunday morning she knows it's church time and she repeatedly says "play nursery mama, play nursery..." I am glad that she finally loves going but I don't love the fact that through the whole 1st hour of church she cries for nursery. She is such a good girl and is getting so smart! I had been teaching Kaile her last name and now when you ask her what her name is she says "Kaile Rex" so clearly. She talks in sentences now and can tell me what she wants and needs and I love it! Today we walked to Chick-fil-A for lunch and Glenn and I were talking and Kaile said "I'm gonna push mel-on-a" (her cousin Meleana). We were like WHAT?! I told her that we give hugs and kisses to our cousins we don't push and she said "NO I PUSH ONA!" I have NO idea where that came from but we definately have to watch her the next time she sees her cousin to make sure she is nice!
A couple of weeks ago we celebrated aunt "becas" (my sister rebecca) and uncle jaimes (her husband) birthdays. Their birthdays aren't until next week but we celebrated with Jaimes family who was visiting from out of state. They had a pool party and a little bon fire it was a lot of fun!
Koa has somehow managed to hold up his HUGE head! He can now hold it up well enough to play in his excersaucer and he LOVES reaching for all of the toys. It keeps him entertained until his head gets too heavy for his little neck. He is getting so dang big I cant believe it!
Kaile absolutely adores her brother and is so loving and protective of him... although the other day she smacked him in the face (and he started SCREAMING) when she got mad at me for not letting her hold him without my help. It totally FREAKED me out because it was so out of character for her to do that! She is usually so soft and careful. After a "little talk" with mommy she said "sorry kokies" and gave him kisses and has been back to her nice self!
Koa has been such a GREAT baby! He smiles, giggles, and does silly things to try to get my attention. I am so in love with him and everything he does! He is growing up so fast and is just such a sweet little boy! He is a GREAT sleeper... he sleeps all night and takes a 4 hour nap during the day and a couple little cat naps here and there. I finally feel like I can just enjoy having 2 kids instead of constantly feeling overwhelmed and busy! It's so much easier now that Koa has a "routine."

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Today we celebrated my sister in law Mailes birthday and my nephews Isaacs birthday! The boys all went to the x games while most of us girls with young kids stayed at my in laws and scrapbooked! It was a lot of fun! I wish I had taken a pictures of all of the scrapbook supplies that filled up the kitchen table and countertops!
Maile is going to Hawaii next week so she we got her a cute volcom summer dress and speakers for her ipod or iphone (yes I am JEALOUS of the iphone)! She also got a really cute box filled with clothes, perfume, money, and a cute purse... I loved the box and the flowers on top! Very creative!
Isaac also got HOOKED UP! We got him an extreme sports game for wii and a shirt... he also got some other sweet wii games, $100 CASH, a gift card, and clothes! Happy 10th birthday Isaac!
These were the birthday cakes! I made Maile a homemade icecream cake (she picked cookies and creme) and my sister in law Amy made her son a delish cookie cake complete with a skeleton surfer topper! It was SO cute! 2 birthdays down this month... 3 more to go!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Today we went to the...

and it was SO much fun! We went with my mom, brothers, and my older sister Rebecca. Glenn and I had never been and it was really interesting and cool to see all of the different fish and sea animals.
Kaile was SO cute! She kept giggling and making surprised faces as she saw new fish! It was so fun to watch her get excited! She LOVED being let loose from the stroller and she just walked around in the best mood!
Koa was super happy too! He was so cute smiling... there is a sea lion in the backround. They were so cute swimming around and showing off!
I really enjoyed Shark Lagoon! It was cool to touch the sting rays and baby sharks...
Here is Glenn petting a shark. Kaile was a little scared to touch them but she enjoyed looking! Glenn was definately more friendly with the sharks than I was!

Last we went inside the giant "bird cage." It was really cool! The birds were CRAZY! Glenn kept trying to get one to crawl on him and finally one did. My sister Rebecca had one fly right on her head! It was funny! Kaile wasn't too sure of the birds! She liked them if they were on the trees and away from her!
We had such a fun morning at the aquarium! Thanks mom for hooking it up!