Wednesday, March 25, 2009

11 months!

Koa will be 11 months old in just a few days! I cannot believe that he will be one next month! He is such a sweet and happy little mamas boy. He is growing up so fast! I am so in love!
New this month...
Says "hiiiiiiiiii" and waves
Says "no no no no no" while wiggling his hand at me (wonder where he sees that?)
Weighs 30 pounds (but no longer outweighs Kaile... she weighs 31.5 lbs.)
Still not walking on his own but he's getting close
Is becoming quite the picky eater
wearing mostly all 2T clothes
LOVES taking off his pajamas... not sure why but EVERY NIGHT he takes his pants and shirt off before he falls asleep (and I of course have to put them back on... he's funny)
I cannot believe my BABY is going to be one in just a month! It's crazy but exciting! Koa is such a good natured, happy baby and I often wonder how we got so lucky to have him as our baby! Love you Koa, you're the best!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kailes "big girl" room and Koas "corner"

Okay, so I am a bit of a FREAK! I cannot sleep without Koa close by but I refused to have another kid sleep in my bed so Koas crib is right next to "my side" of the bed!
I LOVE his crib! We've had it for a long time but I finally took a few pictures. I was so proud of myself with this purchase! They wanted a lot for this crib but I got it for half the price by buying the floor model that had a few scratches... you can't even tell!

Kailes "play area"

Every 2 year old needs their own LCD TV right?!

Kailes "big girl" bed. We converted her crib into a toddler bed a while ago and now converted it into a full bed and she loves it! She says she's a big girl now! I really loved her room at our apartment... it was the ultimate pink little girl shabby chic room. I like her new room now that it's all decorated!

It's been a few months since we moved into Glenns parents house while they are on their mission and we are FINALLY starting to feel at home now that i've gotten the kids rooms situated! I am getting used to living in a big house and have realized that maybe I don't need a huge house when we go to buy our own... more to clean!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

She said what?!

Kaile is 2 years and 4 months old. She didn't walk good until she was probably 14 months, she didn't get her first tooth until after she turned one, but she was an early talker and communicator. By 9 months she would tell me "more" in sign language and by 18 months she could say basically any word. Around 20 months she would say full blown sentences and by 2 she could have a whole conversation with me. Not only does she say a lot, but she says it well. She annunicates (is that a word?) very well. Everyday she says funny things, but today she said RUDE things! I really don't know where she gets some of these things! I guess she just soaks in EVERYTHING that she hears (but I swear, I don't say this one)...
Scenario: We had just finished eating lunch... I was cleaning up the kitchen, Glenn was around, and I offered Kaile a popsicle. She, very happily, accepted and she sat down at the table and I brought over a popsicle, took off the wrapper and asked her what color the popsicle was, she said RED. It indeed was red so I praised her for being the smartest little thing ever and gave her the popsicle. I went back to doing the dishes and she sat and ate her popsicle.
The problem: A few minutes later I noticed that she was rubbing her popsicle on the kitchen table.
Me: "Kaile, please stop making a mess. Just eat the popsicle."
I then went back to doing the dishes.... a minute or so passes and I notice that she was now smashing the popsicle on the table...
Me: "Kaile, mommy said STOP MAKING A MESS. I am not going to give you... (I am then cut off)
Me: (trying to contain myself, telling myself Jodi she's only 2! She's only 2... wondering what shes going to be telling me at 16 if this is what she is telling me at 2) "GLENN HANDLE HER!"

Honestly she is such a sweet girl, but today was not a good day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My turn

Ok so my wife has been talking about the family and describing all of us, so I figure it is about time that I discribe my wife. I met my wife in the singles ward right when I got home from my mission. Right when I saw her I was immadiatly drawn to her. It wasnt just one thing either. This girl was the whole package. She was hot, had a great smile, and she had great style. I was just getting off my mission so what ever game I ever had was long gone. So it was a good thing that Rebecca was there to introduce us. I was way nervous when we first started talking but Jodi is so easy to talk to that we just sat in the cultural hall and talk all though class, untill I finally asked her to come with my to one of the dances, that way if she said no, it was her saying no to the dance. So we went on our first date to the dance and then to a movie. Form that point on I just knew that Jodi was someone that I could be with forever.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sick of Sickness!

Sick but still happy!

For the past couple of weeks Koa has been pretty sick off and on. Fever, coughing, runny nose, and last night he gave up quite the scare! At 3am I heard him moving around in his crib so I went to check on him and he was very very pale and cold and panting... like he was having a hard time breathing. I took Koa to Glenn and we decided that we better take him to the ER... he was shaking like he was freezing. My dad came over and him and Glenn gave him a blessing before we took him to the hospital. (thanks dad for waking up at 3am and staying with Kaile). Of course his breathing sounded much better when we got to the hospital but when they took him temperature it was 104.6! WAY TOO HIGH! I had been giving him motrin and tylenol but his fever was out of control! I of course freaked out! They did an RSV swab and it came back negative. Then they did some chest X-rays because his breathing was coarse and the X-rays showed he has a respiratory infection. Basically there is nothing they can do unless it becomes phenomia (ummm okay so I just wait til my kid has phenomia to help him out?!) So they gave him some "extra strong" medicine to get his fever down and we were on our way. We made it home around 7am and our kids were nice enough to sleep in until 11. I hope my little guy gets better soon! I cannot stand to see him suffer!

Thanks to Aunt Beca and Uncle Jaime for playing with Kaile all day today so mommy could take care of Koa! Thanks dad for the late night house call!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pretty Pretty Princess

If we are at home this is what Kaile looks like. She always has to have on a princess dress! I love this little girl! She makes my life so fun and she keeps me on my toes! She is sweet, gorgeous, and most of all she is my little BFF! I wish she would stay like this forever!

I know all of my post have been about my kids lately... but they are my life! Hopefully I do something exciting soon!!