Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hair cuts and Girls night out!

Last night we had a "Girls night out..." It was really my first time out on a Friday night since Koa was born. It took some convincing to get me out but I had a lot of fun! I went with my sisters and 2 friends to see Twilight. I am pretty sure I was the only person in the whole theater who hadn't read the book. I did think it was a great movie regardless. My sister made me a Twilight shirt... It's Edward Cullens family crest. It turned out really cute! I also got my hair done. I LOVE changing my hair. I have been pretty much every hair color (normal hair colors that is)... Blonde... Black... Brown... Red... highlights... I've had really short hair and really long hair and many different hair styles. I love going dark for the holidays. It's fun!
Kaile got her first hair cut and look how cute it turned out! She doesn't have long hair, but it's super curly and sometimes get super CRAZY!

I took Kaile with me to my hair dresser and she did such a great job... I saved a few locks of her hair for her baby book.
Kaile before her hair cut! She did such a great job. She sat still and just looked in the mirror the whole time. It was so cute!



Awwww, I love both of your guys' hair!! And your shirt did turn out so cute, I'm so making me one!!


I'm glad you enjoyed your night out. Paul calls me a 'stick in the mud' when I don't want to go out but do after some convincing. Your hair is darn cute. Kaile looks adorable, as always.

MEG said...

SWEET! I LOVE your dark hair and bangs! I just got mine done really dark too and it makes me feel so totally different - almost 20's pinup beautiful? It makes me want to wear red lipstick and be pale. :)

You look great! I'm going to see Twilight this week.