Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Time for Thanks...

Today I decided to take a break from all of the holiday shopping and fun that the holiday season brings to just sit back and think about the real meaning of Thanksgiving. The turkey is yummy and pumpkin pie... Fab, but I have SO much to be thankful for! This year I was blessed with a BEAUTIFUL and sweet little boy Koa. I am so thankful for his little life and for the opportunity I have been given from Heavenly Father to be his mother! He amazes me everyday!
I am also very grateful to be the mother of this little fireball! I love my Kaile. She is talkative, sweet, and has a HUGE personality! She is definately a Rex! I love her more than I thought possible. She is so precious!

I am grateful for all of these people... my family! I have great parents who have done so much for me and my family and who have set such a great example for us! I also have great brothers and sisters who I just adore! I have great in-laws as well... I love all of my extended family and appreciate all they do for us!

I am SUPER thankful for my amazing husband! Glenn is such a hard worker and the best dad ever! He works full time and goes to school full time all to give us a great life. He is so giving, loving, understanding (of my shopping addiction) and fun! I love him dearly and am thankful to my Heavenly Father for giving me such an amazing husband!