Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Koa is 3 months old today! I can't believe how HUGE he is getting and neither could the doctor at his appointment today! He weight 16.4 lbs and is 24 inches long... he's off the charts for his size! The doctor said he is totally healthy and looks great so that was good! He's just a REALLY good eater!
The down side of today was the 5 shots he had to get! OUCH! His poor little legs must be so sore! I have never seen someone do shots so quickly! The nurse was super quick but he bled a lot because of how fast she did it. Good thing babies have such a short memory span... I am sure he already forgot that we tortured him today!
Okay and now for my funny husband... he has been very "creative" lately with his food. If I ate one bite of this I would gain 50 lbs! It's a twinky (YUCK) with strawberries and vanilla ice cream... he is CRAZY! I don't know how the heck he stays in shape! It must be all the surfing he does...
Now this is totally NASTY! It's french toast with strawberries, powdered sugar, syrup, and whip cream! I am pretty sure I had like a hard boiled egg that morning... He has such a sweet tooth just like his dad!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our happy little family...

I absolutely ADORE my 2 kids! They are honestly the most precious things in the world and they bring so much joy into our family! Having kids is such a rollercoaster! There are definately A LOT of loops and turns but it is all so worth it! I feel so blessed to have so much love in our family!
When I first found out I was pregnant with Koa I was PISSED! haha I really was... at first. I definately was not expecting to get pregnant so soon after having Kaile but having him has been such a great experience. He is so different than Kaile was as a baby. Kaile NEVER cried, NEVER spit up, and was always just so content. Koa has defiantely been more of a handful but oddly enough I am thankful for the challenges that he throws my way! He isn't as easy but he is SO happy and it totally melts my heart when he just follows me with his eyes and smiles to try to get my attention! I am so glad that I have him!
and now for my GREAT husband! I am SO lucky! Glenn is such an amazing dad and a very loving husband! He is constantly telling me how beautiful he thinks I am and always goes the extra mile to make me feel loved. This morning the kids woke up at 7 which is odd because they usually don't wake up until 10 or so and he took them downstairs for the morning and I got to sleep in until 10:30! I felt so lazy but it was so nice! I even woke up to a spotless house! He spent the morning watching the kids and cleaning! He is so great... we even got a family picture! One of us usually has to take a the picture but my mom stopped by today so we got a quick picture! I love my little family!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gold Fish and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yesterday we went to the h'olalea (a hawaiian festival with dancing, food, games, and shops) and Glenn insisted on winning Kaile a gold fish. We played this game where you had to throw ping pong balls into little glass jars to win and we ended up with 2 lovely goldfish... I didn't have a glass bowl to put them in so I put them in a vase... This morning when we woke up only one was still alive... OOPS! I actaully felt really bad! Glenn went to flush the one that died down they toilet and he told Kaile to say bye to the fish before he flushed it and she said "fishy pooping!" It was funny... Glenn had her name the one fish left and she picked "bob bob" (spongebob). She cracks me up!
I was making Glenn some chocolate chip cookies before he left to work tonight and DUMBLY (is that a word? anyone?) I let Kaile have one while they were still warm... she said "mommy, I MESS!" Luckily I had taken off the cute shirt she had on. It is so funny to hear the things toddlers say! They are so innocent and honest and say the cutest things! (and check out Kailes hair! haha it's getting OUT OF CONTROL! It's SO curly these days!)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Last night we dropped Koa off at Rebecca and Jaimes for a few hours so that Glenn and I could finally take Kaile on a bike ride! I had ordered a bike off of costco.com a couple of months ago but when I got it the frame was all dented and the paint was peeling so I took it back and we FINALLY picked out these bikes and I LOVE THEM! They are so cute and I totally am cheesey and wanted "his and hers" bikes.
We ended up riding from our house to Glenns parents house... it's only about 3 miles but we made a couple little detours for Kaile...
We went on this bike trail that is along side of some horse stables and a horse path. Kaile LOVED the "hoooses!"
We finaly ended up at Glenns parents where there are 16 "visitors" staying from New Zealand. They are long time family friends of the Rexes. Kaile was following around 2 of the teenage boys and she wanted to play basketball and skateboard with them. They were SO nice and played with her. They even spotted her as she kept insisting on standing on the skateboard so that I could get a quick picture! (she actually caught herself... she didn't fall!) She's just practing her skating skills so she can skate with her daddy one day...
I felt better when she just did this rather than standing!
Thanks Auntie Beca and Uncle Jaime for watching Koa so we could have a fun night with Kaile!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


This morning we took Kaile and Koa to Chuch E. Cheese's... Kaile had a lot of fun and Koa just sat in his seat and looked around! We went with my mom, little brother Blake and one of his friends from church.
I am pretty sure that Glenn and I used all of Kailes tokens for stuff we wanted to do... Glenn sucked at this game but he tried... and I played skee ball a million times but I only won 67 tickets?! WHAT! It was great because it was nice and cool inside Chuck E. Cheese's! Kaile and Koa after a hard day of playing! Today was also SWEET because my double stroller was delivered and it is SOOOO great! Glenn and I put it together and then when glenn left to work I took the kids on a "slow jog" for about an hour... (since I can't go too fast with Koa cause he's still so small and or course cause I am still OUT OF SHAPE... but not for long!) I am so excited that I can finally pack up both kids and get out of the house by myself... I feel FREE!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Today we spent the day at Doheny State Beach down in San Clemente and we had such a great day! Glenns sister Kaile reserved us a HUGE picnic area for the day with stretches of grass for the kids to run around on... I LOVED having some grass and not just sand! Kaila did such a great job getting everything planned and we probably had close to 50 family members there! The boys had a lot of fun just messing around on the surfboards and Jake (my little brother) was doing really good surfing. Doheny is a great surfspot for learners because the waves are small and slow. He had a lot of fun and I know Glenn really likes teaching him to surf! He's practing for when he teaches Koa and Kaile.
Kaile was CRAZY today... she didn't know what to do with herself and all of the open space! She just ran around all day and loved being pulled on the boogie board. She also really liked the sand but gets nervous if she gets too close to the water... she has such a great time with all of her cousins!
Koa was SO happy to be outside all day! He just smiled and talked the whole time and really enjoyed looking around and looking at the water! It was so cute to watch him be so happy and excited!
We spent nearly 7 hours at the beach... this is Kaile as we were starting to load up to head home... she was OUT OF IT! No nap and running around all day = a very tired little girl who insisted on a "passy" (she wants it when she is tired) and kept hugging some random pink dog as her eyes rolled back into her head! She took a nice nap on the way home! I am excited for more summer beach days!

Beach Day Cupcakes!

Today we are having a bbq down at Dohini beach in San Clemente with all of Glenns family and like usual I was asked to bring a dessert! I never mind because I LOVE to bake. I figured I would make cupcakes since they are the easiest dessert to eat at the beach since you don't have to cut them or use a plate... I wanted to go with the beach theme and I had seen a picture on the internet a couple weeks ago of similar cupcakes...
I made some chocolate cupcakes and some white cupcakes and I frosted the chocolate cupcakes and then covered the frosting in graham cracker crumbs to make it look like sand and then I just stuck a little umbrella in each one! They turned out way cuter than I thought!
The white cupcakes I frosted with blue icing and then cut out a bunch or "shark fins" on blue cardstock and stuck them in the frosting... it looks like a shark in the water!

They turned out so cute... if anyone needs little umbrellas let me know because I have a box of 150!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008



The Perfect Double Stroller...

So I have been looking and looking for the "perfect" double stroller and I think I have finally found it! Before I had Koa I went and tried out a million different strollers and I HATED them all! The side by sides are way too wide and the other ones that are one in front of the other are way too long and I felt like I was pushing a train! I am so glad that I waited and kept researching because I think this is the best double stroller EVER! I didn't get to push one because I couldn't find a store around here that carries them, but I read a ton of reviews and everyone who has one loves it! I had been bidding on them on ebay and finally "won" one it yesterday (Glenn says its not "winning" if you have to pay for it... but we got our government stimulus check so I don't have to feel bad...) I can't wait to get it!! I surprised myself and went with the green... I usually would go for black but I loved this green! The great thing about this stroller is that you can take the back seat off easily if you just want a single stroller and it has many different positions for babies and toddlers! Hopefully it's all that it's cracked up to be!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Kaile is 20 months old and she totally KILLS me with all of the funny things she says... the other day I told her that if she didn't stop jumping on the bed she was going to get a "spankin..." and she sat down real quick and said "OHHHH my butt cheek!" (I don't know how she even knows what a butt cheek or a spanking is because I am not one to spank... EVER!) Today we were getting ready for church and she kept running away from me when I was trying to get her dressed and she said "mommys mean face" and made that face pictured... I guess I look like that when I am mad!
With my two babies! They are SO sweet!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

So we were suppose to start off the 4th early by meeting all of Glenns family for breakfast in HB and then going to watch the parade on Main St.... but instead we spent most of the morning looking for my dang car keys (I think it's time to get a spare or 2 made)! OOps! We found them around noon and then decided to go to lunch together... here is the kids making silly faces as we looked for our keys.
We ended up just relaxing all day and then headed down to the beach to watch the fireworks that they did off of the pier. Glenns family had set up a spot right next to the pier and right on the water so we had a GREAT view for the fireworks!
It was quite a hassel to get to the beach because PCH was closed down and the beach was SOOOO packed! Luckily glenns friend lives right on the beach so we got to park in his driveway... otherwise we definately wouldn't have been able to find anywhere to park. My pictures kinda suck of the fireworks but they were so pretty!
Koa LOVED the fireworks... he was so amazed and just stared at them. It was so cute and I was so glad that he wasn't scared!
Kaile on the other hand was a bit freaked out. She was okay as long as daddy held her tight.
Kaile refused to take her glasses off at lunch... she is SO funny!


Thursday, July 3, 2008


I can't believe that Koa is already 2 months old! I really wish that I could freeze him at this age! I absolutely love this stage where he sleeps through the night... he smiles and giggles and it totally melts my heart... he can't tell me "no" or "stop it mommy"... and he can't run away from me! He is PERFECT right now!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We made these Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes for Leis (my sister in law) birthday! They were a lot of fun to make and are so cute!

My lovely cousin Heather took the pictures for me!