Monday, October 4, 2010


The past 2 years have been quite the experience for our little family! I was very hesitant to move into Glenns parents home while they moved to Hawaii for 2 years. I worried about what "people would think"... I worried about losing our privacy... honestly, I cried when we left our little home! We have definately had our ups and downs but it has been such a blessing for our family! Glenn was able to finish his bachelors degree, took up to 21 units at a time, works more than full time and always makes time for myself and his kids! He does it all with a smile on his face and he has never once complained about being overwhelmed! I admire him for being so motivated by us! He wants to give us the best and HE HAS! I feel so blessed that he has had such a great job in this unstable economy! We have been able to pay for all of his schooling and have no debt! We have also been able to save money for a down payment on a house and Glenn is even starting his masters program! I am glad that we were able to feel "helpful" here by taking care of his parents home and rental units. We are so looking forward to his parents return in less than 6 weeks! Packing and moving will keep us busy and hopefully the time will fly, we have missed them so much!

Stay tuned for more blog posts! I'm BACK!


MEG said...

It seems like 2 years went REALLY FAST! What cool opportunity to stay in his parents home and be able to save for a down payment on a house...and go to Hawaii to visit too! THAT. IS. COOL. And what great timing?

I'm thinking I need to convince my parents to go on a mission...

I've always felt like kindred spirits to you and Glenn because I've seen you two work through the same obstacles in the same five years. I'm so proud of Glenn for getting his Bachelor's degree. I'm so amazed at how you've been able to hang in there as the full-time, in-home mom. You didn't give yourself enough credit: Glenn is amazing for doing double duty with working and school, but you are also doing double duty. Most moms get their husbands home at around 5 to ease the burden for the rest of the day. I imagine it's a long day for you and you have INCREDIBLE PATIENCE. I think you're amazing.

It looks like you have big changes ahead. Best of luck to you in the house hunt!