Saturday, December 27, 2008

my DIRTY girl and my 8 month old!

Kaile has made yet another mess... (story of my life these days). This time it was HOT FUDGE! So stinkin gross! Glenn got some ice cream from Golden Spoon (they have yummy non fat ice cream with fat free fudge) and left his extra fudge on the counter and Kaile, ever so quitely, poured it all over herself... as I was taking pictures of her she kept yelling "DELICIOUS! DELICIOUS!" Luckily she didn't get it anywhere besides all over her!
This little cutie is going to be 8 months in just 2 days! He is so precious and I love him so much! He is always happy and loves to cuddle... He enjoys swinging on the swings... Loves "real" food... Can pull himself up in his crib... crawls backwards better than forward... now says baba and MAMA (every time he calls me mama my heart totally melts.... I LOVE it!)... wears size 18-24 months(he's HUGE)... and is just the cutest thing ever!

I love you Kokie Dokie you are such a good boy!

Christmas 2008... I got spoiled!

Every year we open presents at my parents house at 7am. Glenn and I always bring all of our gifts over so we can open them with my family. We sit in a huge circle and open presents one at a time. This year it took us almost 3 hours to open them all but it was so much fun!
Just a few of the presents....

This was probably Kailes favorite present! She LOVES Dora and was so excited for Santa to bring her a Dora bike! It was so fun to watch her! She was thrilled but didn't care too much about anything besides the bike... next year maybe she just needs one sweet present...
I got totally spoiled this year! I really wanted Rock and Republic jeans with the "R" on the pockets (for REX)... and Glenn hooked it up with super cute ones...
I also got 4 pairs of shoes! These are 2 of the totally cute boots I got! (Thanks babe) I also got that super cute zebra print area rug for our bedroom!

My new Betsey Johnson Diaper Bag! I absolutely love it!
I also got lots of fun scrapbooking stuff! Another fav of mine is the Garmin Navigation I got! I am so excited to drive somewhere I have never been!

Thanks Glenn and Mom and Dad for all of the great gifts!
(I told Glenn I have NO EXCUSE to shop for a VERY LONG LONG TIME)

Monday, December 22, 2008

My little talker and family christmas fun!

Sunday evening we had our family christmas party! It was so great to see all of my cousins from my moms side! This is the first picture I have with all of my cousins from my mamas family! It was such a great party! I love celebrating the holidays with family!
My babies all ready for church on "Christmas Sunday."

Koa's first word... "baba!" Although I have been coaching him to say "mama" for quite some time I think his first word is very appropriate for his chubby goodness. He sure loves him some "baba." I love him and all of his chub!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Time at DISNEYLAND!!

I love Disneyland in December! The decorations are gorgeous and you totally feel the "holiday spirit." I told Glenn I want a tree like this and he just laughed at me! The tree is huge and perfect!

The kids had so much fun! Kaile kept saying "I want to see mickey mouse"... She's been to Disneyland before but I think this is the first time she actually got how fun Disneyland actually is. It was Koa's first time and he was so happy and such a good boy...

he did a lot of this which meant that mommy stayed off most of the rides to sit with him while daddy and Kaile had all of the fun!

Kaile on the storybook cruise. She loved getting eaten by the big whale.
Thanks to sis Profit for hooking us up with FREE TICKETS! We had so much fun!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I love this little girl!

My 2 year old, Kaile, is a riot! She says the funniest things and I decided I needed to blog a few sweet things she has said to me the past couple of days...
On Sunday morning I was getting ready for church and, as usual, I was trying on a billion things. I put one dress on and walked over to the mirror to take a look and Kaile said "On my goodness mom, that dress is BEAUTIFUL."
Today, we were just walking down the stairs and she said, "You are the most beautiful mommy ever."
Kaile is my little BFF and she is good for my self esteem!! I recommend a little girl for everyone... they are so sweet!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow day in Huntington Beach!

Today we headed to Huntington Beach to have some fun in the snow! Every year a park in HB bring in snow machines and makes snow for the kids to play in! They had 2 different slopes for the kids to sled down and little patches of snow for the kids to play in. Kaile had fun going on the sled with daddy and playing with her cousins! The park was crazy crowded but we still had fun!
Koa enjoyed watching all of the kids play! It was chilly so he stayed bundled in his stroller.

(Excuse my shakey filming... I was preoccupied...)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

One of THOSE days...

I absolutely ADORE my little girl Kaile. She is beautiful, happy, and has a HUGE personality... but every once in a while she drives me INSANE. Today was definately one of those day! First she found a sharpie that I was using to write on the tags of my christmas presents and she colored all over one of the presents I had just wrapped and she colored all over her hands... (this was maybe a 2 or 3 on my insane meter, no big deal... I can handle a little sharpie action) then I left to run a few errands and I came home to find (what I thought to be) sharpie all over her face... after doing a quick scan of the room I realized it was my inks that I use for scrapbooking... (this put me at about a 5... luckily the inks wipe right off, because they were all over the tile floor) Glenn got a little lecture that went a little something like this
Me: Babe I told you to watch her!
Glenn: I was.
Glenn: Oh, sorry.
(He is IMPOSSIBLE to fight with)
Then my sister Rebecca came over to help me do a few things around the house... (She has been a HUGE help to me lately) and we noticed that Kaile was being a little too quiet in her room and I went in her room to find this...

She snuck some of my makeup into her room and colored her whole freaking face and her pink minky chair! (this put me at about an 11... I was PISSED)... I just nicely asked Rebecca to give her a bath so I could take a breath or 30! After calming myself down I went into the bathroom to have a little talk with Kaile and she proceeded to tell me that she was just trying to do her eyebrows! She cracks me up... I couldn't be mad at a girl just trying to hook her eyebrows up... but she definately knows not to touch mommys makeup anymore! Maybe I better find a "safter" place for it! She never usually gets into things so 3 in one day definately put me over the top! She is just trying to live up to being in her terrible 2's!